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    College wit deserves to be approached with good sense.

    Traditionally, much-of-“life” is spend on the wasted level of discussing “time, or even perhaps, in seeking an occasional opportunity for “good sense.” “Time!” relentlessly paces along–passing-off “life”, as some non-essential endeavor. In fact, “life!”, in the world’s natural condition, passes like a zoom–taking little notice of any common form of sense. Inspite of it all, some clever human being may wittingly capture a brief moment of “time”–long enough to pin-down some reason for existence; thusly, he has consciously arrived at “good sense.” Any achievement of sense, then, subsequently depends entirely upon the way the individual paces with “time.” “Life”, moreover, which successfully defines a valid reason for existence, will undoubtedly isolate the individual from the rest of mankind; whereupon, isolation is spent trying to put humanity together.

    So it is–with the time of our play. Should you be found purposely enjoying a little “time” with the characters of a “Time for Good Sense”, they too, will not object to your visit. Besides, an hour of “time” spent in the company of welcome guess, is–mutually shared–“Good Sense.”

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