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    Discover this labyrinth–with poetic dimensions, where you can anxiously awaken to new and unknown cerebral connections. Alas, bravely intertwine your dubious existence with a keen awareness. Hence, eagerly become acquainted with your imagination; thereby, allowing you more freedom to understand life’s experiences.

    • Just a brief visit to our Poetic Labyrinth could enrich your valuable time with avenues of new thought, by ejecting your mind skyward into excellent areas both strange and familiar; your new thought waves will experience vibrations that are inquisitive for answers to questions never before conceived by the human mind.
    • You will be interested to scope-out intriguing perceptions of our living world, where closer scrutiny takes you to captivating dimensions of human wonderment, and thus, provide you with mental mysteries of conceiveable understanding.
    • Dare to feel brave enough to read poetry samples, which will introduce you to an endless supply of subject matter.
    • Read an abundance of song Lyrics not yet put to music. Perhaps you will be inspired with ideas for your own songs. Permission must be obtained from our composer if you wish to use our verses.
    • Listen to composition excerpts masterfully recorded by studio musicians..
    • Read scenes of Movie Scripts available for production.
    • View childlike Sketches of the human, animal, and object forms. Guest artist may appear in the gallery by invitation.
    • Take note of some valuable plans to enhance the artistic mind.
    • You will find suggestions of hidden and elusive concepts, inwhich, serious thinkers fathom the depths of human perception.
    • Poetry contests are pending upon full operation of the site….Check with us periodically…once all things are in place.
    • If any questions come to mind regarding the present contents on the site, please note that the website is in-the-process of construction. As the site unfolds before your very eyes, added offers will eventually appear for your viewing. For now, however, direct pertinent questions through our contact form.
    • Thank you for your visit. Enjoy your journey into our sample level. For an in depth visit, please continue below. We look forward to your visit. Thank you.

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