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    Attraction!…engenders an affection encroach;
    Reciprocal bask…endures vindictive approach.
    Chemistry submits the heart to a perfect kind;
    God charges the reflection, as a common mind.

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    Attraction!…engenders an affection encroach;
    Reciprocal bask…endures vindictive approach.
    Chemistry submits the heart to a perfect kind;
    God charges the reflection, as a common mind.

    What is desire…that moves the heart outward;
    Altering flesh, which turns the mind backward?
    Especially travelogue–serving God’s purposes;
    Lifting wretched flesh…unto a higher compass.

    Boils threaten to invalidate a mutual belonging;
    Valid grows, nearby–emotions satisfy a longing.
    Hugs are most common–tender loving affection;
    Limits of time provide…for an endless perfection.

    Hugs are not required…from deity, at a distance;
    Persuasions of love are present and consistant.
    The distance of God–like a gift to one another;
    Hug touches are shared…by friends and lovers.

    Suspicious of hugs–turmoil with an open threat?
    Sheltered life comprehends not–dear love…yet!
    Hugs tune heart strings, and influences friends;
    Energetic concessions seek a sad heart to mend.

    Tenderness, with affection, attraction will seek;
    Proving mutual agreement…can touch the meek.
    Enchanting virtue is close to a warm proximity,
    Enabling honest emotions to emit an extremity.

    Wasted hearts seek desparately to share a hug;
    Searching child memories and comfort that was.
    Please!…what is a hug…snug as a bug in a rug?
    Way!…out of control, could smoother near love.

    Subdued natural affection…may appear as a hug;
    Congenial dimensions act as an extension of love.
    Stringent rules lay siege to a warm natural touch;
    Appearances of love will never radiate too much.

    You are okay–to look!…but please, do not touch;
    Chemical vibrations interrupt…in a mid-air crunch.
    Language lends a sensitive body–a touch of stars;
    Emitting exhause fumes from obnoxious motor cars.

    Dare to scan the eyes with a cool tippie tippie toe;
    Social opposities that crush egg shells…as they go.
    An enchanted proximity–lay face to face with love;
    Warm breath meets with tender cheeks and a hug.

    Searching for happiness…begins at a tender age;
    Continuously, as confusion…into an adult cage.
    Refrain from hug touching–void with pure love;
    Some Guiding fools are ignorant of a gentle nudge.

    The breath-of-life enhances a common stress;
    Arriving portentously with a cold touchy mess.
    Arousing warm pulses with an electric embrace;
    Crossing shattered egg shells in a static chase.

    Believing that love is stronger than hard sin,
    Assessing soul damage…by counting to ten;
    Back cautiously away from excruciating pain,
    Moving on forward…with an emotion to tame.

    Suppose, hugs are defiled by a moral demise;
    Wherefore, vile is virtue…for the beautywise.
    A devil disguises evil into a conflict with self,
    Desiring a beautiful edge…by promoting crap.

    Criticizing other beings, who go the wrong way;
    Gathering judges unto self!…by what they say.
    The greater sin lies–on…not forgiving of wrong.
    Whoever is worthy?…may judge the evil throng.

    A wink in the dark, and love without a hug;
    Is far too busy, as usual…with a sinister tug.
    Natural affection diminishes without a hug;
    Touching becomes cold…like a paranoid bug.

    As natural affections are smothered with lies,
    Sweet tender loving hearts will flutter and die.
    Perpetual nonsense bombards love with foes;
    Measuring compulsive pain by temporal woes.

    Beautiful resolutions…commit a sensitive heart;
    Arousing kind emotions from a wreckless start.
    Labor, as we ought, to understand the art of hugs,
    With continuous persuasion from our God above.

    Posted by Lee Mahana @ 3:20 PM

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