• Better Off 20.07.2007

    Clouds of delusion,
    Shows the way.
    Forsaking thoughts;
    Others may stay.

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    Clouds of delusion
    Shows the way.
    Forsaking thoughts;
    Others may stay.

    Been there–done that;
    OK…for passing.
    Time passes on and on;
    Nothing is lasting.

    Eyes…widely in focus,
    Views this cloud.
    Sunbeams are really
    Shining proud.

    Adventure beckons
    Hearts that grow.
    Though ruts will pull
    Down–with “no.”

    Traveling this world,
    To find a soul;
    One who is cool,
    But, not too cold.

    This great big network
    Of cities and towns.
    Someday may lay ties,
    But, hardly now!

    Circle the globe,
    To live a dream;
    One that’s everything,
    Just…as it seems.

    Highways are available,
    For most anyone.
    Vehicles…with gas,
    Gets things done.

    World…of traveling,
    Keeps me cool;
    Highways of gravel,
    Fills my soul!

    Purposes of life,
    Having life done.
    Dreams that deal,
    Are lots of fun.

    Which clouds are left–
    Directing the way?
    Obstacle’s delusion
    Are deals that pay.

    Posted by Lee Mahana @ 8:30 PM

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