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    Temper-temper, young man! Anger shakes your heart, and emerges from an unstable base. Emotional illusions cloud your actions, so that, your behavior displays violence. Emotions tend to distort pure judgement. Divine imagination is the key. Study yourself, and pray desparately to image the origin of your disturbance. Gaze deeply into the lost chambers of the past, and make the necessary adjustments to your own self perception; for, whatever the cause, evil forces watch and wait–ready to intercept and direct the course of your anger.

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    [pay]Young Arnold Stephens is the victum of boisterous home life, where parents argued and fought constantly. Due to the emotional trauma caused by his environment, he resents the two people who gave him life. The expression love is impossible, and they show no respect for each other. Rather than demostrate their appreciation, they throw vehement darts of insults, and complain about their constant lack of satisfaction in the other.

    Arnold is left to develop his own imagination. When relying on distorted feelings, he interprets marriage as a mismanaged conflict of sexual illusions. The very people who conceived and gave him birth, are the very source of a love-hate conflict. But whatever he feels about them, he is too old to blame his parents for his present emotional condition of turmoil. He resolves to understand himself, and become responsible for his own emotional state of affairs.

    Home life becomes impossible for Arnold to cope with–effectively; therefore, he seeks understanding from the counsel of a local minister, Pastor Divine. This third party counsel is a view which adds intensity to his sexual confusion. Arnold’s parents have already implanted inconsistency into his perception; plus, his own imagination has taken on a second view in search of stability, but met with nothing but frustrations of defeat; and now, Pastor Divine–a mouthpiece for God, has contradicted his parents, and seemingly, defied the plan of God. If God is inconsistent, and love has no comfort to offer, then Arnold’s temper is not so unfounded, and he has solid reasons for his anger.

    While consulting with Pastor Divine, the room fills with evil gloom and despair, covering Arnold’s face with frustration. Evil spirits permeate the atmosphere, but the minister remains uneffected by the evil influences. The minister continues calmly sharing wise counsel with Arnold, as evil forces increase their power to beardown on this young man’s condition of frustration. Finally, when the minister declares Arnold’s relationship with Angela to be a sin before God, Arnold loses all self-control and strikes the minister with his raging temper. This assault pleases the evil spirits in the room, and they laugh as Pastor Divine falls to the floor.

    Evil constantly seeks to overthrow this powerful, but humble, man of God. But Pastor Divine is alert, and leaves no vulnerable weakness open for corruption. His dedication and impeccable personality stands strong like a stonewall…resisting every attempt from evil sources. The spirits were in good humor when Arnold’s uncontrollable temper put the minister in physical danger. However, they were unaware that a physical encounter is limited by its nature: this servant of the Lord God Almighty may be immobilized and become handicapped by the assault, but evil cannot outwit the mind of God…in all His might and majesty of omnipotent power.

    Pastor Divine develops a condition that gradually deteriorates his mortal body. Medical science continually performs extensive tests in order to determine the degree and speed of deterioration. At the same time, evil spirits are eagerly fighting to destroy his mind and soul. The battle between good and evil affects the minister’s body; thus, medical science becomes baffled by the division between the physical and the mental. The body is being destroyed before their very eyes, and yet, they witness a distinct increase in the minister’s mental capacity.

    Eventually, as expected, the minister dies. This leaves Arnold Stephens with a murder on his conscious. But, not only his conscious places him on trial, the system of courts also indict him with homicide. The legal system assumes an open-and-shut case, but a fair trial is compulsory by law. The only lawyer who will attempt the case is a young man who hasn’t won a case in five years, or rather, since he started his legal practice. He is down-in-the-dumps with nothing more to lose, so he accepts Arnold’s case.

    Expert witnesses from the medical profession are summoned to court to explain the conditions of Pastor Divine’s physical deterioration. By all things evident, the boy is guilty of murder in the first degree; but, the medical witnesses bring to light some evidence that puts a question in the minds of the jury. The facts point toward homicide, but this new light on the deceased’s physical condition reveals the presence of an unexplained phenomenon. The presence of supernatural powers cannot be accepted by the court as grounds for Arnold’s defense. The jury is under obligation to judge the boy by weighing the evidence; but however, they cannot ignore the testimony of the expert witnesses who declare the existence of supernatural forces involved in Pastor Divine’s deterioration and subsequent demise.

    The title: Passion Aforethought, is derived from the legal term: Malice Aforethought. It presents a twist on a passion of anger being galvanized by an internal conflict as a cause for Arnold Stephen’s behavior of committing murder, which cannot be proven without the predisposition of Pastor Divine’s supernatural victumisation.[/pay]

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