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    A winner and a loser become good friends. Cory Mann works as a dispatcher for a family owned trucking company when he becomes interested in racing his own bigrig tractors and speedboats. Scott Degal is a songwriter who finds friendship with Cory Mann.

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    Essentially every contestant event in life has a winner of some form; but unfortunately, losers are far more common; they can be seen on virtually every street corner, alley way, office building, and church. Cory Mann has the good fortune of the upside of the story; he lives with honor; and even so, he never forgets to give due respect in word and action to his ever growing population of opponents.

    Three loves are the main source of Cory’s life of competition: first of all, his beautiful wife, Dana, is the source of his strength; second comes the care he puts into making his bigrig trucks the “Pride of Mann”; finally, his obsession with racing rigs and boats drives him to win over one hundred trophies. All three areas of endeavor give essential meaning to Cory’s life, because he gives meaning to winning. If anyone could do something to give credence to life, would he not put forth great effort to win?

    Cory’s eventful life has attracted a friend who has never experienced the praise and honors of being a champion in anything. Everything he develops undoubtedly possesses the nobility and hope of success, but nevertheless, nothing ever reaches a finishing point of materializing. Scott Degal is a good songwriter who will never forsake the love of writing, even though the world continues to crumble beneath his feet. On the other hand, losing never ceases to prove his destructive fate.

    M. M. Bell Trucking Company is where Cory and Scott first meet, when both are employed to drive bigrigs. Cory owns five of his own trucks, and leases them to M. M. Bell Co. He also functions as the department head of the Owner-Operator’s Division. Scott becomes acquainted with Cory when he is hired to drive one of Cory trucks: “Pride of Mann.” It is a great privilege to drive a “Pride”, with all of it’s majesty and beauty of a professional winner.

    The influence that Cory has on Scott begins to change him from a loser to a winner. He admires Cory for the love he has for his family, and for the quest to win, and for the ability to value his wife higher than his obsession to race. A turning point takes place in his life of losing, when he desires those qualities of Cory to be developed within himself.

    While Scott is driving for the Bell Co., he becomes friends with a female hitch-hiker, named Jenni. She is beautiful beyond expression; and so, Scott feels that he can protect her from the perils of hitch-hiking by giving her a ride in his truck. Their relationship is interpreted by a friend, Dorry, as love-at-first-sight. This couple of lovers had chosen to remain untouched, until they found “true love.” However, this strong love between them begins to jeopardize their promised vows of virginity, by arousing complicated passions of self-control.

    Cory and Dana become close friend with Scott and Jenni. They develop a common interest in speedboat racing. Dana use to race, but due to the welfare of the children, she gave it up. Cory gives her boat to Scott, for him to use in his upcoming adventure. Scott names the boat “Turning Point” to indicate the change of life styles. Just as Dana loves to support Cory’s passion for racing, Jenni becomes excited for Scott’s change, and encourages him to be a winner.

    A winner will always win, without fear of winning or losing, even if a race is lost. However, a loser’s attitude produces a fate which is almost impossible to change. Scott appears to encounter one of those insurmountable conditions, when the state suspends his driver’s license. He is no longer able to make a living at the same standard. When his source of income is stymied by dramatic measures, control of his circumstances become impossible to manage. Inspite of it all, Jenni stands by him as his true love. Because of Jenni, Scott is willing to try again and again, even until his chances are exhausted. Well, Scott’s very first competition race ends his life. After a long period of suffering loneliness from her loss, Jenni realizes that Scott still needs her to make his dreams come true. Songwriting was his first love, even before she came along. Even though he is dead, she can make him a winner with the songs he love to sing.

    Cory blames himself for the death of his friend, and decides to cut himself off from his own life’s quest. Dana fears for Cory to race again, but she is torn by the fact that he is a different man when he is not driven by the powerful urge to win. He persuades Dana to let him race in the Nationals, and after much frustration, she is forced to consent. The question of life or death stays with them constantly since Scott’s death. How many times can Cory race without getting killed? Will his wife be without a husband and will the children be without a father, after the Nationals?

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