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    A Movie Foreword and Synopsis

    Abortion rejects life from this world. But perhaps, life is not ready to leave. If you read this, you were not aborted!…Or, were you?

    Rejection is an experience that most people deal with over and over in some form or another. Notwithstanding the difficulties of rejection, most people manage to go on living by making the necessary adjustments–allowing them to compensate for failure; by so doing, they gain some degree of acceptance, or become contented to accept their fate of reoccurring rejection. That is most people!! On the other hand, it is hardly the case with a generation at the mercy of living demons; unborn rejection, before they are granted an opportunity to prove worthy of acceptance.

    The screenplay, “Rejected” presents various stories prompted by newspaper reports on rejection of unwanted babies. These events are based on factual stories, while the connective material of character portrayal is intended for dramatic purposes.

    This world of people–at large–are attempting to discover a valid place in the world. Their intent question is: “What is life, and is it worth living, for the living? And more, should the people privileged to have life allow unborn generations the same privilege, or reject them on the bases of intrusion into their undetermined future?” The fortunate living generation have the responsibility to find their own meaning for existence, and also, they must choose a place for their offspring.

    There is a growing refusal to allow new generations the right to impose a burden upon the living, by adding inconveniences to those already present, thus, preventing ambitious people from achieving their determined desires. Moreover, young people who are a vibrate part of this world are allowed to live regardless of a valid reason to prove their worthiness to be accepted or rejected. They have the same rights as any living being–to gain the mysteries of this world: whether it be joy, pain, love, confusion, and acceptance or rejection.

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    The author concerns himself with newspaper reports that reveal the direction our world appears to be taking–regarding abortion. The only authoritative claim he makes upon the subject, is life itself; he claims his own right to breathe the air of mortality. Any right-minded person would never choose to protest his claim. Even though he claims no medical opinion on the subject, or moral demands upon another’s judgement, he is compelled to imagine a social trend where people have ceased to love one another; and without love, therefore, they have stopped wanting their offspring.

    Life begins to lose meaning when there is no generation upcoming to handle the affairs of life, which have carefully been developed by the old generation. They have taken great pride in discovering the scientific method derived by man’s intellect–but to what purpose…but total annihilation of their own kind.

    The world is evidently filled with chaotic emotions that pass frustrations from one generation to the next–until no one can cope with realities. Instead of resolving the causes of frustration, they decide to abort the heirs of their troubles.

    Many events have been accumulated and put into story form. After formulating a story, the author proceeded to write the screenplay based on a view of human life during its embryonic stages and a common blindness to see its value. Since everything a person may become is contained within the egg and sperm, the value of life begins even before conception.[/pay]

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