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    College wit deserves to be approached with good sense.

    Traditionally, much-of-“life” is spend on the wasted level of discussing “time, or even perhaps, in seeking an occasional opportunity for “good sense.” “Time!” relentlessly paces along–passing-off “life”, as some non-essential endeavor. In fact, “life!”, in the world’s natural condition, passes like a zoom–taking little notice of any common form of sense. Inspite of it all, some clever human being may wittingly capture a brief moment of “time”–long enough to pin-down some reason for existence; thusly, he has consciously arrived at “good sense.” Any achievement of sense, then, subsequently depends entirely upon the way the individual paces with “time.” “Life”, moreover, which successfully defines a valid reason for existence, will undoubtedly isolate the individual from the rest of mankind; whereupon, isolation is spent trying to put humanity together.

    So it is–with the time of our play. Should you be found purposely enjoying a little “time” with the characters of a “Time for Good Sense”, they too, will not object to your visit. Besides, an hour of “time” spent in the company of welcome guess, is–mutually shared–“Good Sense.”

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    [pay]An old truck driver is getting older before he is aware that nothing has progressed in his favor. He finds an old maid not nearly as old as he is, who has come to sympathize with him, and besides, she would like to have some progress in her favor as well. The two of them suspect love and education to be a solution to answer the quest of their problems.

    A “Time for Good Sense” presents our characters with their own brand of individual struggles, to portray certain aspects of a searching identity–revealing blind mental characteristics of the past, present, and future. They reluctantly attempt to link themselves with an overwhelming world around them. Because they possess a living awareness, their struggles of identity are not altogether distasteful. “Life”, afterall, requires a skillful manipulation of situations–with the time at hand. Their time on hand, therefore, has three levels of sensible thought: the past contains fond memories; the present is the area of existence; and the future encourages nothing more than hope. Hope, unfortunately, is sometimes hopeless, without knowing the truth of it; ignorance, therefore, is hope being formulated.[/pay]

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