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    when misguided mortals break in;

    or, pernicious devils choose to sin;

    Lord, Thy Treasure is safe within.


    suppose Thy Children are blind to see,

    or crude souls are unkind to Thee;

    still, Thy Treasure is plain to me.


    every Principle of Thy Holy House

    delivered to earth before, or now,

    Thy Treasure remains clear somehow.


    a Still Small Voice reveals the Truth;

    it tells me all Things that I should do;

    because Thy Treasure tells me of You.


    established within my seeking heart

    lies a resolute Faith to prove Thy Part;

    ’cause, Thy Treasure to know is Smart.


    a House Of Order fills my soul;

    to deny Its Beauty leaves me cold;

    Thy Treasure sweetly turns me bold.


    Scriptures prove Thy Word Anew,

    What Newer Voices declare is True;

    Thy Treasure leads me back to You.

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