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    Romance attempts a murder, but is foiled by an aching heart attack.

    Within the mysteries of romance lurks the dark illusions that will baffle a simple mind, and even stump the wisdom of an educated intellect. The only wit capable of fathoming the wonderments of romance, are those brave victums who accept its dubious characteristics on conditions which cannot be searched. Educated or witless, the suiter must not search for a viable meaning of romance, but wisely accept love without understanding.

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    [pay]The universities of higher learning are filled with students seeking knowledge, but remain full of ignorance.

    University students, and professors alike, harbor hopeful adventures in love, where enchantment approaches with a thundercloud of romantic mystery. To play the game of love–correctly, one must be willing to flow into uncertainty–to brave the fickle nature of romantic disasters. More often than not, love is an experience which is forcely forgotten. Alas, forgotten!…but a skilled player will learn valuable lessons from past experiences, and use newly acquired knowledge for future encounters. He comes to realize that love is not about self; he can not expect constant nurishment from each and every emotional quest. Most every moment of love will impress a thrill upon the mind, and then, quickly fade into a chamber of endless bits of information, that is locked within a mind of learning. Only the very select moments of love will have the stamina to endure…with a growth of maturity. Unfortunately, there are some lovers who will be broken by the wild mysteries of wonderment, which will leave them devastated…like loss is the end of the world. With each encounter, a timely question must be asked: “This time, it feels real; but, is it mine to keep?” On the counterhand, if the game leaves a broken heart–unmended, a serious psychological repercussion may occur–with imbalance; thus, a frenzied heart may develop into a demented and uncontrollable passion of hate.

    Silhouetted in the night lights, and inconvenienced by a failing heart condition, a university professor stalks a former lover of his perpetual desires. [/pay]

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